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Originally Posted by zxon View Post
Dude you really need a better camera! LOL Only kiddin'!

I like the metallic cover. Nicely done! The glow in the dark one looks wierd though. Only looks good when its dark
lol, yip i know

yeh the black one turnd out gd, wot u think of the blackd out symbols on the front keys? i think it looks good but thats just my opinion wot dus every1 else think?

the glow one was silver but the glow paint is kind of milky so it now looks grey! next plan is to spray on with a kawasaki green base first so it's green in the day and then glows green @ night! i have another plan to use a candy dye in the laquer aswell so that u can have diffrent coloures, would still glow green though! i teste the cover and it's now tested to 10 hours! still glowing after 10 hours!!not as bright, but in a dark room u can instantly see it) do u reckon this is a good product? would any1 have one once it's a finnishd product?

feedback guys plz....
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