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Beer Same problem here! Time clashes!

Originally Posted by saurabhbatra
my 7610 has a problem the time of the phone(which is correct) is different from the time recorded by the call register or the Log(which is 30-35 mins behind the current time).. for example if the curr time is 1730 then phone clock shows the current time as 1730 but if i recieve a call at 1730 the time recorded by the Log is 1700...
please help it is very irritating and othing seems to be working... i have tried switchng on auto time update and also switching it off
I got the same problem. tried everything (Auto update, GMT, etc.) but couldn't find where to update the log time. Guys, please help! this really is irritating! Maybe this has something to do with the where the phone is purchased....I am in india now and bought the phone here itself....maybe there's something like another internal clock which is set to maybe singapore time or something....

help would be very much appreciated.