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Originally Posted by bchliu View Post
Binaries should be cross compatible.. and given that most things will be standardised to the QT 4.6 libraries, even be portable to Symbian^3 (through a little modification). The main difference however (that everyone is complaining about) is the packaging method is changing. Maemo is Debian based using Apt-Get Debian packages to distribute applications whilst Meego is Intel Moblin based (in turn, Red Hat based) using RPM/YUM.

Meego is coming to the N900 - and will be direct from Nokia since that is the hardware they are developing the platform on. However, they have no plans of supporting the platform, so its "best efforts" if any N900 user wants to move to Meego through the Linux community.
Thanks for the very informative post, bchliu!

It sounds as though Nokia have turned their backs on N900 users then. Glad I am on a 2 week trial and not a purchaser/owner...
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