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Originally Posted by bchliu View Post
Weird.. Flash videos should work out of the box even within the browser. Its one of the best things about the N900 with a proper full browser than the cut down ones on Symbian (with flash "lite").

BTW.. once you learn to tinker with it, you can replace your Android with it too... because Android 2.2 is almost completely ported to it as a second O/S to run (70% or so complete).
Yes I am a bit surprised myself. I have the latest Firmware, according to NSU. However Ovi Store says "BETA" when launched, Maps is dated 2008 and doesn't appear to have turn-by turn/voice Nagivation and only has 'directions' function. I don't seem to be able to watch any Flash content i.e. YouTube.

Edit: Actually today the stock browser IS playing BBC iPlayer videos - but after a few seconds the picture freezes but the sound continues!

Unfortunately, as I have to send the device back in 2 weeks, I don't own it therefore can't consider 'tinkering' with it and installing Android.

On a plus side, the hardware build quiality is solid, and the UI is so fast I can take a pic under 2 seconds after I open the lens cover.
What Meemo seems to be is missing is a proper level of apps development, which I guess will now be directed at Meego devices.
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