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Weird.. Flash videos should work out of the box even within the browser. Its one of the best things about the N900 with a proper full browser than the cut down ones on Symbian (with flash "lite").

The N900 is not meant to be super user friendly simply because it is derived from a super unfriendly platform (ie. Linux). Personally, I think its more of a pocket computer that tries to be a phone than a real smart phone just on this reason. Hence why its not really optimised for phone use. Its also one reason why I am carrying two "phones" these days - the N900 as my portable computer (yes, it has replaced my UMPC and performs about 90% of functions as a PC) and a Vivaz (cheap, good camera with Symbian that is more a phone).

BTW.. once you learn to tinker with it, you can replace your Android with it too... because Android 2.2 is almost completely ported to it as a second O/S to run (70% or so complete).