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Originally Posted by hitu06 View Post
i read over the internet through many forums tht the new firmware ( 4.0839.42.2.1) provided 20mb ram on start up, better cam quality, better gallery, my fav no poping of the message 'memory full close some application' and also read at many place tht it ws hackable............. ?????
and ova here every review is juss opposite!
NOKIA uses Different product codes for each Region (eg. India,China,Europe,Spain etc...)
keeping the FW version same, its very much possible that nokia is still discriminating among regions here.

I've heard that there are some regions where Nokia allows Turning Shutter sond off and such.

BTW,even a simple format will make your phone faster and pleasing to use.So a fresh firmware install may feel faster,even if it is'nt
So maybe...thats all i can say.