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Originally Posted by hatighora View Post
what happens when you insert a 4 gb microSD card into a phone that supports upto 2gb microSD card?
It may work, haven't tried this myself. Past experience suggest provided its not a different format (e.g. SDHC) then it should work

Originally Posted by catnamedog View Post
Hi Rafe
I've recently returned a SE W950i (see post), and wondered if Nokia had any intentions of developing the A2DP aspects of phones such as the N95?
It seems to me that the truly integrated comms/entertainment package for the car could be achieved using A2DP.
Would you car to comment or predict?
The N95 has full support for A2DP. This basically means it can use any bluetooth stereo audio accessories. Worked fine with the Sony Ericsson headset I tried.

Originally Posted by erehman View Post
Rafe, I must admire your efforts to satisfy all of us in terms of your experience with N95. Its my dream to have this phone. But one thing which is bothering me is the dim lighting condition in its video. The videos of N93 seems more bright and crisp as compared to to those shot with N95. Tell me is it possible to adjust the default settings to improve lighting conditions in videos. And secondly tell me please is it possible to shoot a video in CIF or QCIF formats with 30fps. Do the pictures taken with N95's 5mp camera are of the quality equivalent to digital cameras. Is its macro mode good enough to be used as scanner?
And last question for this session! Do you know the exact date when this phopne will be available in market?
Thanks in advance for you cooperation.
You can fiddle with the settings a bit. Its difficult to comment fully as final software is not out yet. Yes you can shoot videos at lower resolutions (e.g. for MMS), not sure of the frame rate though.

Macro mode is supported, I'm not sure its good enough for a scanner, but should be ok to photo docs etc.

The phone will be available late March / early April.
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