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Originally Posted by Enokian
I remember that a previous topic has been posted about these issues.

Thank you for your warning that comes to late for me ... I am using the HS-4W for 2 monthes .. and I have got the same worries !!

Has somebody ever tried the Nokia HS-11W ?

I hear that the nokia HS-11W headset works well with the nokia 6630, its just the nokia HS-4W causing everyone problems. I recently called my nokia service centre, and was told something that wasnt a surprise to the fact that so many customers are bringing their faulty nokia hs-4w headsets into their branch for chek up but unfortunately dey bein sent away to have them send their stupid headsets straight to nokia! longggg!!!!!

Again I just wana recommend the Sony Ericsson HBH-300 bluetooth headset. Been using it for nearly a month now and it truly is just perfect in every sense!!!

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