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There is a way but it requires some tricky timing, it does work though. (Hope this makes sense)

Step 1. Install or find an application and move it to the left of the folder you want to move. Say your Office folder icon is in the middle of the screen, move the icon for any application you can delete just to the left of this.

Step 2. Delete the sacrificial application (the one you just moved to the left of your office folder)

Step 3. Just after it is deleted, the phone takes a few seconds to remove the icon, but during this time you can still access the menu, do so but don't select anything. Just open the menu and wait.

Step 4. After the icon disappears, you should now have the Office folder highlighted, simply click the still visible "Move to Folder" and put it wherever you want.

Hope this works for you :-) Might take a couple of tries to get it right though.