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On a side note, the upcoming N8 is not a device intended for high-end market segment, none of the Symbian devices is. This is stated by Nokia themselves, symbian is for middle price-point devices.
High-end section is supposed to be covered by as of yet non-existent MeeGo phone.
This is simply not true, either in terms of what Nokia have stated, or by an obvious comparison of devices. Nokia stated that MeeGo is for 'portable computers' or whatever their term of the day is. Symbian most definitely covers all the way up to the top end of smartphones.

Also if you compare hardware specs and software services available on the N8, aside from the number of apps in Ovi Store (a minor quibble for this comparison) in many respects it surpasses (apart from screen res, but N8 has HDMI + Dolby Surround out) the highest of the high end iPhones and Androids. It is simply better than them across the board (something iPhone and Android lovers can't accept, but is still true).

The fact is N8 can beat the best iPhone and Androids even with it's lower CPU speed and much cheaper price. That really is how good Nokia and Symbian devices are, and something people have to get their heads around.