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Theme problem

Hello guys
So I have an unique problem I guess... I hope you can help me
I decided to change my theme. I downloaded a theme with utz file, downloaded CapsSwitch. The theme asked me to change the Private folder with the one given in the zip of the theme and the Resourse/app folder and to overwrite the existing files. I acted very dumb and did not made a backup of these folders. After I copied the files and restarted the phone, surprise: the player had not changed and only half of the icons in the main menu were changed, leaving four default icons. You can imagine that this looks ugly. First of all I want to ask someone with a w950i to upload and give a link to the default Resource and Private folder files and give me solution on how to fully change the appearance of the main menu and the walkman player. I want to thank you in advance for helping me : ))))