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Exclamation E72 help : Uninstalling the software Psiloc World Traveller

I am a user for the free version of the Psiloc World Traveller (PWT) on my Nokia E72.

It was updated and then every other moment, it wanted to access the network to get an update of the data. I don't want it to do so and unable to stop it.

This "program" is acting like a virus!

In settings I select "disable" on internet connection and PWT is still every day checking on weather and reporting it to me.

I dont know what is Nokia thinking in that moment...

I cannot remove it!

I cannot disable it.

I would like to uninstall it. But the message was in the red box the "Uninstallation not sucessful" or error "Remove Fail" when trying to remove Psiloc World Traveller from E72.

I was charged a quite amount because of this stupid application! The worst thing about it is that I couldn't remove the stupid app from my phone. Yes Nokia has made a big bluder on this one: it's useless, not user-friendly and really deceitful when it comes to roaming. I hate paying for things I never wanted in the first place.

Does Nokia has any solution? (Here is one solution: Nokia should ban this application!)

Would you, Nokia developers, please allow for this (and any other) app to be de/uninstalled?

The E72 is suffering from low RAM and Nokia is filling it with useless applications like this one, please remove them or allow the customer to uninstall or remove or delete and do it.

Has Nokia pre-installed this software and decided to force it on the ROM?

Taking advantage of a system software update, Nokia should use this opportunity to provide us with a de-installation tool to eradicate Psiloc World Traveler (which is a nice tool anyhow, but intrusive).

I think that it is manifestly unsatisfactory of Nokia to allow apps on OVI that cannot be uninstalled ... Worse yet - money and a memory hog zombie like the Psiloc World Traveller P.O.S.!

Thanks in advance to Nokia's engineer to contribute to cement our faith in their product. Competition is tough, USA, China, Taiwan and Korea are knocking at the door.

If Nokia accepts to remove the useless applications we will get a clean business phone, less memory consumption, more satisfied CLIENTS, at least install them in C: so we could uninstall them if we want. [PWT and all the other 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS.]

Please tell me how to remove this software? Can anybody help me resolve this problem.