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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That's not really true. There is a HUGE difference between a FW update which fixes bugs and adds limited extra functionality
But that is what Apple has been doing. Each year they have added something that should have been in the original release - Having previously said it was not needed

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If Nokia applied the same logic as Apple, older phones would be upgradeable to later versions of Symbian, which has NEVER happened as far as I am aware. This may well negatively influence people considering the N8 as their next phone but who may prefer to wait until Symbian^4 is released.
Symbian ^4 is a full OS upgrade and as such cannot go backwards because the spec of older phones could not run it. Just as iPhone OS 4 cannot go back to the series 1 and I believe series 2 phones. Even then it is not a new OS. It is just the original one with a few more dramatic additions such as folders (Whatever will Apple think of next).

In addition Nokia's firmware updates can come every few months rather than having to wait for a full year to sort out a problem as with Apple.