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Originally Posted by sapporobaby View Post

Sound is subjective. When you say, sounds better. What are the criteria to compare against? What sounds good to me will surely sound better or different to someone else.
There are objective technical criteria that can be used to compare audio quality. For example, how flat is the frequency response being output from the 3.5 mm jack in the frequency band that is audible to the human ear? This is one component that will affect how your music will sound that can be measured numerically. I believe that such data was provided for at least one of the N-series phone reviews on this site.

The thing is though, of course, that no matter how perfect the signal coming out of the 3.5 mm jack is, you will need a pair of headphones with a good frequency response anyway.

That and as you grow older, your own hearing's frequency response begins to perform less than ideally... in which case, a good equalizer on the Nokia 5800 would help to begin to address these situations.