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If you make an official complaint to Vodafone the next step will be a complaint to Ofcom.

Worse Case Scenerio is that they say theres nothign they can do but if enougth of us complain they prob will.

Best case is that a few ofcom complaints will have them breathing down their necks and make them shift a bit quicker. Ive had to contact oftel twice in the past when continual complaints to the entwork have fallen on Deaf ears and usually just a "query" rather than a complaint usually gets the networks moving damn quick.

A few of them ought to get them moving a bit.

Technically your supposed to wait 12 weeks in the case of a complaint but I never have in the past :/ expecially for queries as there not technically complaints but they do get forwarded to Networks.

I emailed a formal complaint into Vodafone about 2 weeks ago and got fed the usual email speil so go figure.

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