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Originally Posted by Eltoroeire
Vodafone are a bunch of tossers who read 1984 and thought it was a management seminar!

Regarding codes, they donīt have any. They thought theyīd be so fucking smart and lock the phones real tight that they canīt even open them themselves.
They gave me codes about 2 weeks ago that obviously didnīt work and then told me to send the phone into them so theyīd unlock it.
But once they got it, they told me Iīd have to wait about 2 weeks for them to get the codes. That was yesterday or the day before. Canīt remember, Iīm on a shift of nights this week and canīt remember which way my arse faces.
Well I told them to stuff it; I wanted my money back, and to cancel my account. Perfectly within my rights to do so. They sold me something that doesnīt do what they said it does. i.e. work on other networks. Initially I was told it would take 5 days to get my code. This was in the shop. HA!
So they mulled on it and said theyīd give me a vanilla fone straight away. Well on Monday.
So, I urge everyone with a vodafone model to do the same. Stuff their capricious branding up their fucking arses and demand a generic model. The more that do it the more it will hurt them and the less likely theīll be in the future to be so trigger happy with their crap invasive branding.

whoever mentioned an anti voda website is definitely on to something. I, for one will help.

Rant Over......

Too bloody right!

Gwan Eltoroeire the consumer rights crusader!!!

Bunch of greedy fuckwits the lot of em. As I said before, I'd be more than willing to design and host an anti vodafone website if someone helps out with the content. Time to put and end to them thoroughly shafting their customers with bodged phones and bullshit artistry is what I say.