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Originally Posted by jonvision
The unlock codes depends on the sim-card and are not anything that nokia has anything to do with. All codes from vodafone should be in their possesion. As the only code that nokia has is the security code 12345 which is deffault in all nokia phones.
No some nokias are preset to lock to the first sim that is placed in them you see a message saying "Sim Restriction On" I think orange still use this method but not Vodafone as the first sim plaed in my Voda 6630 was an Orange Sim.

The guess from the Nokia support person was that all locks to vodafone comes from the sim-card when you start your phone for the first time.

The phone is locked not the sim if the sim was locked then you will be unable to use it in any other phone. This is not the case.

SIM number is also not a factor in locking. The phones can be programmed to lock to a particular sim but if you place another voda simcard into your phone you should find it function fine.

And I object to ANY locking and branding on the phone do as when the contractis up the handset belongs to me and I find it disgusting that I have to pay for unlock codes to use my handset wheverever, howerver, and whatever way I wish.

The codes are given to Vodafone by Nokia and are geenerated by a mix of the IMEI and Vodafones Network Code. Voda then store these ar calc them later on at request.

Whatever is happening is a failure to provide codes from nokia or vodafone delibratly delaying requesting these codes from nokia. It seems to be effecting oly vodafone because ive seen posts where people HAVE got unlock codes from their provider.