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Well, this apply to vodafone sweden but it should not be that big of a difference.

I have been in contact with vodafone stores, vodafone customer service and nokia careline. No solution so far but some information.

The unlock codes depends on the sim-card and are not anything that nokia has anything to do with. All codes from vodafone should be in their possesion. As the only code that nokia has is the security code 12345 which is deffault in all nokia phones.

The service store can't put in the generic version unless the unlock code has been applied. They have a computer which does the job for them, so with vodafone you get vodafone.

The guess from the Nokia support person was that all locks to vodafone comes from the sim-card when you start your phone for the first time.

Vodafone in sweden says that they don't have any codes and redirects me to vodafone stores. They say that they just distibute the phones and redirects me back to the support.

Now I will try to return the phone with full refund + money for the nokia discount I had which only was valid in december for a few days. If they say no, which i guess they will. Then I can turn to a swedish consumers organisation and hope that they think that vodafone is wrong.

I don't mind the lock to the vodafone sim-card, it is all the software limitations I don't like. And they didn't tell me this when I bought the phone, so I think that is false marketing. And they have downgraded the memorycard from 64MB to 32MB, which I also wasn't informed about. Maybe that makes a case, if not everything is as usual, or maybe they will think that I am right against vodafone. Then probably more consumers will follow.

This is sweden and I don't know if everything is the same in the U.K but i don't think nokia do it any other way elsewhere. And if that is the case, then vodafone has the unlock codes, because they generated them.

sorry for any crappy english that may accur.