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I personally take issue with this whole app store idea. What I hate about this is, this notion that faceless giant corporations decide that they know what's best for each and every individual customer. Apple takes it one step further than the rest, where you can't "legally" install things on YOUR device that you've bought and paid for, until Apple gives a nod(and gets it's cut from the app developer, raising the price you have to pay). Nokia isn't too far behind either, you've got to have any application "signed" from them before being able to install it on your device.

So far, they don't refuse to sign apps based on arbitrary vague notions, but that might change anytime Nokia wants to. Unless you decide to hack your device by going through a procedure that's too technical for a majority of users to perform, Nokia holds the key to the kingdom.. you can't install apps without their approval.

Nokia's appstore isn't the only way to get applications to your device, you can get signed apps from the developer's website, or other stores, but the apps they select would get much more exposure, they'd potentially get access to a much wider market as this Ovi thing takes off. Apps that otherwise would have succeeded if they'd had access to this audience, end up failing.

I don't know what a comprehensive solution is rightnow, but I think the Linux model works pretty well. There's a bunch of software repositories from different "stores", there's an official one with alot of software. If you want niche stuff, you just enable other repositories. So rather than your govt mandating that you can only buy everything at jacked up prices from one single store, you get choices. You can chose to add a whole range of online stores as repositories, and get competitive prices and after-sales services on any given product. Sounds pretty good to me. Big corps don't decide what's "good" for me that way.