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'Off-road' internal gps mapping solution?

I used to use SmartComGPS with a Bluetooth GPS on my N80. For the most part it worked well enough but now I have an N82 and am looking for a program that:
1) can use the internal GPS
2) allows own maps (or provides terrain/topo maps)
3) ideally integrates waypoints with Landmarks (but I really don't care if not)

SmartComGPS seems to have stopped updating its offering, although there seems to be an unofficial v1.55 out there which claims to use the internal GPS. For one that seems not to be an official release and secondly it is unsigned.

I came across Viewranger which meets requirements 1&2 however the maps are limited to some areas of Europe and even so they're quite expensive. I tend to visit a variety of places both inside and outside of Europe so this is kind of the best solution so far but I can't justify the real costs to me for my intended use, particularly as I would still need an alternative for some trips. Are these maps in a proprietary format? (i.e. any way to convert one's own?)

Any thoughts/experiences?