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Originally Posted by garyparson
I rang up Three the other week (twice, as I didn't believe I heard right the first time) and yes, it's 115 to unlock it if it's in the first year of contract. 15 if not.

I know where they can stick that.

Just rang carphone warehouse and they said that unlocking 6630's is something that they're not allowed to do.

So, it's either wait for this JAB box to be updated (it'd be good if someone on here could actually confirm they've had this done) or wait for someone somewhere to come up with a code generator like they have with other phones.
What I dont understand is why they told our previous chap to goto CPW to get it unlocked....if they did it remotely and charge for it through the network then they may as well just do it then and there instead of telling him to toddle off down to the CPW shop.
The JAB box is updated (google it I can't remember the shop I saw selling it but its 200 quid) and is listed as an unlocking solution for a Nokia 6630.

We will have a definative answer soon I hope but there is no way I would pay 115 to unlock it when you can get one on ebay for about 150.