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Does low amount of phone ram memory cause Garmin to crash ?

Hope someone out there can help check my findings and help me understand how my phone works.

I was one of the lucky ones that got a free licence code for the Handy Shell program and was happy to keep it on my 5800. I also installed the anti virus program F-Secure and all was well. Then Garmin released their sat nav program v5.00.30 with support for the 5800 and I installed that as well.

I found that Garmin would crash and lock the phone after 30 - 45 mins of use and assumed it was a bug either with Garmin or my v20 software, but then via Handy taskman I checked my memory only to find that I only had 35mb out of the120mb free

I then turned off F-Secure and tried to turn off Handy Shell which took the free ram figure up to just over 50mb. I ran Garmin again and it crashed again but then I found that Handy Shell had turned on again without me asking it too so I have now completely uninstalled Handy Shell and touch wood Garmin seems to be all okay.

So my questions are :-

1. How much memory ( phone ram ) does Garmin need to run correctly and
2. Even with every application closed I only have 53mb out of the 120mb what is the rest being used for. I've looked at my work phone a nokia N82 and that shows that it has 89mb free out of the provided 120mb. Does this mean that the 5800's operating system uses 30 odd mb more than the operating system of the N82

I hope someone can explain it for me.

Thanks in advance