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another point to consider is; does your orange plan allow you to make free international calls, something I benefit from with Truphone at the moment (for another couple of months at least, then it's chargeable, but at considerably less than BT). Also, roaming, when abroad. Again, voip calls would work out cheaper than your Orange plan. Of course, all this is moot if you don't make overseas calls or travel. But I know what you mean re trying to understand a need. I have a good package with T-Mobile and BT Broadband and don't really need another "free" call option. But it does come in handy on the odd occasion.

I think the likes of Truphone are for those considerably younger than me who have loads more contacts all using Nokia phones and spend all day every day phoning each other. Then, as Truphone is always free Truphone to Truphone, it makes sense.
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