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VoIP on N95 - Tell me about it and convince me.

Ok, I'm not really very knowledgable about VoIP on my N95. Not so much setting it up but more about it's advantages to me in terms of saving money by comparison to what I already pay for.

I currently have a complete telecoms package from Orange UK. I have Orange Home Max which gives me 2 lines (1 landline, 1VoIP) over my broadband connection as well as 8Mbit DSL. This should normally cost 24 per month (includes line rental - no more payments to BT ! ) but I get it for 15 per month because I have an Orange mobile contract (Canary 40) @ 40 per month. This contract gives me 850 minutes xnet + 300 texts, capped net usage on weekdays (unlimited for 1.50) and I pay 5 for unlimited evening and weekend data.

So, my Orange Home Max package gives me a VoIP "line" which gives me free UK landline calls 24/7, free international calls to 30 countries 24/7 and free calls to Orange mobiles. I also keep my old BT landline which I get free evening and weekend UK calls. So, I already get the benefit of VoIP savings on this package, but what, if any, benefit would I get by using a service like Skype or Truphone on my N95 ? When I'm at home, I can make all my calls from my VoIP "landline" for free, so the only real advantage I can see for me is when I'm out and about with my N95, if I'm within reach of a WiFi hotspot, I could make free or very cheap calls. Considering that most WiFi hotspots require a payment, it kind of negates the benefit.

So, all I'm asking is for some VoIP users to tell me if I would benefit from using something on my N95 or am I unlikely to see any benefit over and above what I already have.

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