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Voip provisioning on N- and E-series

Nokia has put up a site for voip service providers (like gizmo, truphone, voipbuster, etc) to provision sip settings for nokia N- and E-series in a correct way.

Since the introduction of N80 Internet Edition the latest Nokia S60 VoIP Release 2.0 has been implemented in the firmware. Nokia already has updated E60 firmware towards the 2.0 version recently. All new voip enabled Nokia phones (N95) will be equiped with this.

also have a look at the 1 hour webinar were things are explained very clear:

Main thing which can cause voip problems is that phone users can only set a number SIP settings, like proxy, registrar, transport type settings. Detailed settings like STUN, compression codecs, NATFW can only be set by using an xml based plugin (like Gizmo project installation).

Since this is xml based I was wondering if it is possible to generate a plugin with all required settings (for a specific voip provider, like voipbuster), making things easier for installation of voipbuster on the Nokia N- and E-series?

Anyone with some xml and stun knowledge in here who wants to look at it?