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activesync doesn't save my certificate

BTW, if your phone comes with Blackberry Connect preinstalled, you have to delete it before you will be able to install activesync. I finally got that figured out and now I have another problem. I have it setup and it syncs with my server with no problems. Well, there is one problem. Every time it syncs, it tells me it cannot verify the certificate and prompts me to accept. With most SSL applications, the accept dialogue also saves your certificate for future use. I cannot figure out how to save my certificate. Is it a hidden option that I'm just missing? The documentation seems to suggest that I'll have to get the certificate from my network admin and manually load it. Is everyone doing this? My network admin says he doesn't know where the certificate is but might be able to ask someone else on Monday. He did say that nobody else has ever had to do this manual process in the 3 years the company has been using activesync on their mobile devices.

Help please.