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Originally Posted by truetype
The e61 has many things which just don't take usability into consideration. Take the ; and the : on the keyboard. Every other symbol (like !, ", &) can be accessed via the "blue arrow key". Not so ; and :, there you have to use the shift key instead. Nothing would speak against accessing : and ; also via blue arrow, which I am sure most try. It's not rocket science to realise this, just careless programming.

What can you do faster on a S60 phone than on a Treo (except surfing the net with 3G)?.
That's your total misunderstanding of the keyboard. Blue key accesses symbols that are in fact the third layer on the keyboard:

First Layer: a
Second Layer: A
Third Layer: @

For the . and , keys there is no third layer, but only a second layer.

This is absolutely clear because symbols are blue and : and ; are not.

What's faster on the E61?

Using several Internet connections. This is not valid for the Treo because the Treo simply doesn't have anything but GPRS. If you, however, take a Palm TX and compare it to the Symbian:

On the Symbian applications can be configured to ask the user for the Internet connection to be used: several GPRS/UMTS profiles or WLAN

On the Palm, this is a pain because of the way the Networking feature was "patched" into the system about a decade ago (Palm Professional)

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