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I would have to agree that the E61 as a PDA is not such as good machine but then despite some common features it could be argued that we are trying to compare apples with oranges here.

I took my E61 because I was becoming frustrated at the constant resets, crashes and speed issues of the Palm Lifedrive I have but after a couple of months I have found myself reverting to the Palm for some things and the E61 for others.

I dislike the calendar functionality of the E61 for example, but it's good to see at a glance where I am supposed to be. I prefer to use the Palm for more detailed information.

The address book compares about the same and does trump the Palm in it's ability to sync the Apple Address Book images and logos attached to each contact.

e-Book reading is terrible. The screen is too small and difficult to use. Better to use the Palm.

Email. Brilliant! I wish '3' would fix their Mobile Mail program to allow my sent and deleted email to be moved to the correct folder on the mail server but otherwise it's a million times more usable than Versamail and the Lifedrive. Yes, I know I could use other apps on the Palm but my complaint has always been "Why should I?". The app is supposed to work and it doesn't without crashing the Lifedrive on each download. The E61's app does work. It would be better to support HTML email but we shall see what the future brings.

VOIP. Oh Palm, why hath you deserted me? The E61 and SipGate's service works brilliantly even on the V1 firmware though NAT and two firewalls. I have a local phone number from Sipgate and my mobile number both coming to one device. It truely is brillliant to know that I am receiving a business call or personal call because of this.

I think for now I will continue to use both devices but do find myself taking only my E61 with me on most days.

I dislike the Treo very much. Can't say what it is about it but I think its a combination of things. If Palm comes back with a Palm T|X sized unit with mobile phone functionaility built in then I will be the first to be drooling over it, but the E61 is my best friend presently ( girlfriends aside :-) )