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You're on slightly dangerous territory if you say one interface is just generally better than the other, as has been noted it all depends on what you're used to, and many people are more used to S60 than Palm.

I tried using a Mac recently after 10 years of using Windows, and it was quite hard to find things and do what I wanted. I kept wishing it would work like Windows, but that wasn't because the Mac interface is worse, it's just because I wanted something familiar to me.

Originally Posted by truetype
without major progress in the S60/e61 arena, I will move back, despite better screen, form factor, browser, overall hardware.
I'd assume there would be major progress, seeing as the E61 is Nokia's very first Palm/Blackberry-style model. It clearly won't be the last such model either as it's sold so well.

AAS's own review of the E61 did make a lot of similar points about, for example, the calendar clearly being an adaptation of the phone-centric application rather than designed from scratch.