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Originally Posted by Rafe
I also think the focus of the device is important. The Nokia devices are the best phones... they are phonepdas as opposed to pdaphones like the Treo. In other words Nokia added PDA to a phone and Palm added phone to a PDA. Which you prefer will have a lot to do with what you are use to and which function you use most. For a lot of people the phone comes first.
It's true that the e61 is more a phone and the Treo more a PDA. But phone functions tend to be far less complex than PDA functions. With phones, you dial am number and you talk. The Treo does that without problems. It even has the great "threaded SMS feature", something the e61 does not have. My information on calls received, duration, etc. was also much better on my Treo than on my e61.

OK, now you can say, why don't you go back to the Treo. Answer: no UMTS yet, but without major progress in the S60/e61 arena, I will move back, despite better screen, form factor, browser, overall hardware.