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e61: bad as a PDA

I've switched to the e61 after having been a Treo user. The e61 has some advantages like screen, browser, and most importantly 3G/UMTS and WLAN. That is why I got the e61, 250 kbit/s (UMTS) or 1 MB/s (WLAN) vs. 50 kbit/s on the Treo (GPRS). Also, Treo does not allow synching with an Exchange server.

However, the e61 gets on my nerves on a regular basis because the very poor PIM functions and the overall poor usability when compared to the Treo. Some of my major complaints:

- Every action takes at least twice as long/twice as many clicks when compared to the Treo. Sometimes more than 10 times longer in my feeling.
- Hardly any copy/paste: cannot copy information from browser to somewhere else, copy/paste from email very tedious
- Despite having a touchscreen, the Treo allows much better use of the keyboard in the applications. The worst joke is the e61 calculator which does not even allow typing the operators (+, -, :, *) on the keyboard but makes you navigate to them with the joystick
- No search in Calendar, no search for anything except names in Contacts, etc.. Just not good enough for a business tool
- Mail for Excange is cool (nothing of that sort in the Palm world), but it stops half way: no synching of tasks and notes possible, tasks also cannot be synched separately from Calendar via bluethooth or cable.
- The "auto-shift" at the beginning of a line/sentence is a huge pain. I am used to pressing shift (as on every other keyboard), the e61 then switches to lower case every time. Palm is clever enough to realize that one wants upper case when typing shift at the beginning of a sentence.
- Adding details to Contacts has to be done the most complicated way one can think of
- Software is more expensive and far less powerful than in the Palm world, or not available at all.
- Contacts and other apps use far too big fonts/layouts, needlessly displaying too few items per screen.
- Lots of more stuff. These may be details, but they make life more complicated and taken together, make the phone a bit tedious. Way to go, Nokia.

The e61 is a good phone with excellent connectivity, but regarding PDA functionality and usability, it is not up to the challenge, IMHO.

Your views?