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N Gage File Formats and souch.

I've checked other threads and I don't think these questions were answered anywhere ealse, so here it goes.

01 - Old style picture messages are stored in *.ata file format. Is there a way to edit them on a PC? Or is there an alternative way to make a old style picture message and send it to my N Gage via Bluetooth [I own a QD]?

02 - Program icons. How can I change them? There doesn't seem to be a icon type of file. From what I can gather the icon is stored in the executable and the *.aif file is a simple link file. Is it possible to have other icons?

03 - Animated backgrounds. N Gage seems to have some problems with animated *.gif files, but that aside, can I use a animated background picture? I know that the moment you pick your background the file, no matter whether it's *.gif or *.jpg is changed to *.mtm and stored in one of the system directories. Pretty much like Windows bitmap file. So is it possible at all?

04 - With my N Gage I got five games. Can I trasfer these onto a larger [128 meg] card? When I put them into my card reader it gives me about 9 megs of files with the game ID file in the main directory. If I'd like to have all of the games or more than one of them on one card do I simply transfer the files?

05 - I've had some problems with the new version of vNES. The colors are distorted but only when I play. When I turn the menu on they somehow go back to normal. What I mean is when the game is paused and the options menu pops up in the left upper corner the colors of what's on the screen are displayed correctly. When I unpause the game they go bad. To describe it a bit, it looks like as if the RGB channels got changed. Red becomes green, blue becomes red. It's like that on all roms I've tested and they worked just fine with the previos version tested by me [I get the bad colors on vNES 1.5x and everything is fine on 1.1x].

If anyone can help me out with these questions I would really appriciate it. I got my QD just a few days ago and I still have plenty to figure out.

*** A small edit. I just found a topic about animated backgrounds and screen savers and it seems like you need a separate aplication for that. So just scratch that question and answer all the others :)

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