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OK - Sendo Smartphones is going to try tracking down this problem in a different way. For that reason, we'd like you to fill in this form on our website.

We're collecting IMEI and SPN numbers in order to try to work out if this problem is in any way hardware related. The network and original firmware versions of your phone are so we can track if any particular network's firmware originally had this problem.


Unable to use the IRDA connection. the red led on the phone does not glow when IR is activated.

Currently I have ( expansys ver ).

As stuclark suggested on another thread, i followed the instruction by downgraded the ver to ( 60 - vodaphone) and later upgraded it to (Expansys). Even did the format / reformat .

i am having this phone for 3 months now. Only once my PC was able to detect the IR as a modem ( when the phone was new ) before i upgraded the version to ( 60 ) and newer firmware.

Please let me know if there is way i can resolve this issue .


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