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Smile Sendo Smartphones Website Launches!

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile phone website, called ( which has been set up to address some of the bad publicity which the Sendo X and X2 phones have received due to software incompatibilities and supply issues. It is an independent website, in no way connected to Sendo International Ltd. but aims to promote their products in the light they deserve.

As part of the website, we are operating a non-profit certification scheme, whereby software which we have tested and found to work without issue on Sendo smartphones receives a special Sendo Smartphones Certified logo, which the developer is then free to use on any advertising material or on their website. The scheme encompasses all types of software, both free / shareware and commercial software. It is impartial and both free and non-binding to both and the software developer.

The website is run by a small number of people, all enthusiasts of both the Sendo X and X2 phones, as well as enthusiasts of Series 60 and smartphones in general. The site is UK based, and is not being positioned as a commercial activity.

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