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There exist one TM from PsiLoc call taskmanager.
but i think it is to early to try it out, because this Progy go deep into the system.
(u can put 4 app-shortcuts to Joystick, it have a new Taskman.( full screen)

so maybe better wait on then crash down this amazing phone.

But if u take v.1.4 u will have even a more stabile and realy needfull programm, if u wanna see, whats really happens in your phone.
(add. all Programms 2 favourites, switch beetween Progys,close all, restart, compress and show ram,
show the C/D-memory, the numbers and kb. of installed apps and the open system-apps, the vcompress apps.(works together with stacker v.3)

Stacker v.3 some guys told it will work.
But if i test it tio install, my phone warn me with a second popup, that the system may not be compatibel and the phone could damage after install.
so i stopp the procedure.

Somebody knows more about?

Symbian simply the best