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Originally Posted by steve001 View Post
is i correct that the update is not for uk phones?? and is this the reason it wont update??

what a pain if the above is correct, NSU is not that good it should have a little foot note on the install screen saying 'BTW if you in the UK TOUGH SH[T'
NSU downloads the firmware version and variants which match the product code inside the phone's memory.
Therefore it doesn't matter where on the planet you are, the matching firmware will download and will install.
However, if you (or someone you bought the phone from) has change the product code, then that's another matter entirely.
NSU only downloads the FW if it is compatible with the phone's product code (stored in memory) - therefore if FW is downloaded, it should then install ok.

Generally, if the flash repeatedly fails AFTER the download stage, it's a driver or firewall issue.
Sorry this doesn't help much, but the problem is unlikely to be NSU or the fact it's a UK product-code.
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