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Now that was an experience i dont want to repeat again in a hurry. The problem seemed to be the network i was downloading on was letting me do the download and spending a bucket full of money each time for doing so. But the download never became a .sis install file. So i tried a different network and it *****WORKED***** I have installed the All Nokia 9210i Data EN.sis and have a woking device again. Even though my device still doesn't accept my memory card even to reformat it. But now I realise it is the Memory Card that is at fault im happy to wait pc is repaired then I will use PC Suite to format it.
> Now the question, I have read these and other forums about the 92xx devices. I am certain that it has been mentioned that the File Manager and other Tools such as Java reside in Rom. So the how is it that after a reformat of the 9210i device the File Manager or Java present?. i.e. Is in rom or loaded from File Manager.sis into C drive.
Could some one please explain as it has and still is confusing, the reason we have a 9210i is because we should have a better device than the 9210 as it is more updated. Therfore it has a bigger and faster Rom, Ram and Processor speed and more.
> Has somebody written what files the All Nokia 9210i Data.sis includes? if so can someone point me in the page direction to where it is.
Thank you for your help and replies. :roll: :P :fadein: