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Originally Posted by MrAaronVenn View Post
re changing product code back to its original HK

Funny that, did nothing.

So no, has nothing to do with what product code I have.
My friend above did what I did, changed it to AUS, and his worked.

It's an OVI/NSU issue with either laptops or just cos they don't know
how to make working phones/programs cos they're idiots.

Clearly, it's the latter.

If anyone out there claims they "rebranded" "flashed" "updated" their firmware using JAF,
can they please private msg me step by step exactly how you did it to a working phone.
Because not that I don't believe you...but I don't believe you.

I've flashed phones without issue in the past, but trying to flash it while its working has never worked.
Ever. There's always some problem.
I have had to do this, I was having the smae problem as you people. You just have to flash it with JAF as if it's a dead phone. Took me all last night and half this morning to do it.