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-=| BREAKING NEWS!!! |=- Yay Fixed my Slider!!!!!!!!!

Well after using my brain for awhile and thinking of ways to fix the slider. cos it was REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES!!!!

I have done it to a point where it feels pretty perfect.

When closed it still has alittle bit of play,

but what was really getting to me was when i have opened the phone it would play heaps!!!!

Its so easy its not funny all i did was take one felt spot. those things you put on the bottom of things to not scratch tables. I cut 4 bits into tiny pieces and poked them into all four corners of the slider and done.

I think you will now enjoy a none wobbly slider now, apart from when the slider is closed theres is still alittle play but it does not click

I love the N85 now all they have to do is change product code, get a update so i can enable the FM Trans and this phone is the best i have ever had.

batt is great, screen is great, ram is great, GPS is great, I must say that this is a huge upgrade from the N95-1 apart from the speaker volume which i think should be louder as it is not as loud as my N95, Hope that can be fixed in a firmware upgrade.

Also the camera can do with some improvements, Just hope nokia are working day and night to make this the super phone it seems to be

and yes i did see my phone reboot itself when doing nothing,
but reloaded and was fine

There is my 2 cents hope people try this and are as happy as i am.

But who know if the slider fix will last, will have to wait and see.

will keep you posted