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Originally Posted by alldayidream View Post
but some people have told me that it needs a 16 hour charge for the first this true?
This is utter non-sense with the new Lithium Ion Batteries.
It just simply does not apply like it did to the older type batteries,

although.... never let a Lithium Ion battery go for too long without a charge or completely discharge,
it kills the chemicles inside and ultimately the battery.
I learned this the hard way with my sony handy cam, I left it in the attic for over a year,
the battery obviously discharged itself over this time and now the battery wont charge or hold a charge
new battery was £80 odd quid at the time

try reading this

download this from my ftp.
checkout page 2, the bit titled 'What if a battery is inadvertently overcharged?'
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