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Originally Posted by mirco.p
First of all , I'm sorry for my bad english , but I'm italian ...

I don't know if anyone already found this trick but I post it again..

How we know in 7610 theme edit , the change icons options misses..BUT!!!!

If you install a FileSystem Browser like FExplorer and follow this istruction you can use a theme with the icons of another one...

1) apply the theme you would like to grub the icons
2) edit this theme changing color palet or goto image or background image (one of this)
3) the point 2 , create a .INI file in c:\system\skins\yourthemedir **(if the theme is in phone memory) or create a .INI file in e:\system\skins\yourthemedir **(if the theme is in memory card)
4) the INI file you found as a name like the folder of the theme , if you look this file you can find a line like the following:


5) annotate the number after =
6) with FExplorer go to the folder of the theme you would like to aply and you like to change the icons (c:\system\skins\yourtheme** or e:\system\skins\yourtheme**)

7) Change the extention of the .INI file you find in .TXT , and after that if you have in your phone a text editor use it , otherwise send this file to computer

8) Change the line Icons=3556454 with Icons=the number you annotate at point 5

9) put the file in the same folder it was before (if you use computer)

10) rename the file from .TXT to .INI

11) Close FExplorer

12) Go to theme , and aply the theme

13) Your theme is apply but the icons are the ones you grub from other theme...

It' s to much easy to do rather than explain...

** yourthemedir is a folder with a strange name like 101f8687ghf564 (IF YOU LOOK INSIDE YOU CAN SEE A FILE WITH THE NAME OF THE THEME , TO CONTROL IF IT'S RIGHT FOLDER), you must search the right folder if you have more themesIt