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6230 ... Best phone in the market, I feel... I woulda LOVED the functionality that a Symbian would offer, but the damn Nokia Symbians are just too bulky and clumsy to handle ...

Heres a teeny question on the 6230 ... I got me a bluetooth dongle and i works fine with this phone ... Now, I want to enable Internet sharing on my system and use my PC's internet connection thru my phone ... The Bluetooth Adapter's software does support this feature, and I enabled everything and it says that the connection is being shared ... BUT, I hae NO clue what I need to do to my phone to get it to connect ... I assume that one would leave the Data Bearer as GPRS, but I have no clue what I should set the 'Access Point' as ... Anybody have any clue how to get this done???

Incase I babbled too much up there ... what I need is to use my PC's internet connection on my phone, with the help of a bluetooth dongle/adaptor ... Possible?