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Originally Posted by Raven

Your question is fair, and your point is valid. If I'm asked by either Rafe or the movie companies behind Friends/Simpsons etc(don't remember the names right now), I will remove them immediately.

Personally I think a bit of perspective is healthy here. What harm will a small MP4 video clipp encoded in 192x144 pixels playing 10 frames per second with MONO sound do? Do you think that just because someone download a MP4 clip of Friends from my site they're not going to purchase, or watch that episode on their TV's? C'mon!

The reason we have these intellectual property and copyright laws is to protect the artists/developers etc, right? And MP3's might hurt the music industry and "cracked"/"hacked" software will hurt the developers/programmers. But I really don't see what possible harm a small "bad quality" MP4 clip could do.

Anyway, I do of course realise that it's not up to me to decide these things, and if my MP4 collection causes this kind of discussion, and that some might think I'm being a hypocrite for allowing MP4's here, perhaps I should just remove my site right away?
Since we're being technical with the legalese, then yes, your posting of MP4s of TV episodes, even if it's a brief clip (10 seconds or so) is illegal. It's illegal in itself to distribute clips of intellectual property without the express permission of the owners. If you had actually sold these clips without they're permission, you'd be even more liable. True, what you're doing right now may not be harming them. But hey, they couldn't nail Al Capone with extortion, money laundering, murder, and what have you. How did they get him? They nailed him with mail fraud.

I'm sure that the owners of those clips, had they seen your site, would've said "hey, it's just 10 seconds, and it's just being distributed freely, it's ok." But if someone wanted to be a jerk and hound your ass and have you sued, then that can be grounds for a suit.

I'm not saying that you should shut down your site. All I'm saying is that technically speaking, what you're doing is illegal.

And yes, this is all based on current laws on intellectual property, not just those governing the United States. That's just in case anyone starts shooting off that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.