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I'd rather you didn't, I haven't downloaded them yet as I still haven't got 2000 or XP at work (freedownloads) or even a 128mb card ha ha ha!!!!

And I appreciate all of your arguments but if you substitute all your words "Friends and Simpsons" with the word "Camcorder App" you'll essentially get the rest of the argument from everyone else on this thread.

What harm will a small CAMCORDER filming in whatever pixels playing 10 frames per second with NO sound do? Do you think that just because someone downloads a CAMCORDER APP from my site they're not going to purchase it? C'mon!
But I really don't see what possible harm a small "bad quality" CAMCORDER could do
Sorry for the abuse of your own text! ops:
Putting the App out there may get some valuable feedback for the developer, I don't know, but also it is of so little value as is that I don't think you're depriving anyone of any cash....

I too am not interested in the camcorder other than just to rub my mates nose in it after he was bragging that his 3650 must be better then a P800 because it had a camcorder. As soon I've found it on the net, and shown him, I'll probably delete it again..... (not much use to me)
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