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Banning is okay, erasing links is okay too, even searching or reviewing PM is allright and you can always give your personal Email if you don't want an administrator reading your PM, after all if you choose to use AAS you have to accept the rules.

However, parenting, being condescending, educating and not understanding why we all want the link when I'm a 100% certain that all administrators have installed this Illegal stolen piece of software and probably given it to a couple of friends is not right. This is a Forum and we're all human so let's lighten up a little.

By the way, give yourselves a warning or two if you have installed this software and ease up a little with the good teacher act.

No warning should be given for having a signature you dislike. Many, even administrators, have signatures that are provocative and the "I can't read rules signature is actually funny"

Technically posts such as p810/900 should also be banned since the photos and the info have not been released by SE and have been made without consent. The early release of design and specs could actually hurt the as long as there are double standarts here we should at least keep a sense of humour and lay down our guns.
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