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How about a sports oriented S60 device to match some of the N Series? Rather than this sort of rehash. Oh, and will Nokia cover the moisture damage on this N79 when people use it to train and sweat? Or is it just a novelty? Nokia?
I had to fork out 15 for a replacement N95 after I drowned mine during a Cross Country race last January (crossing 5 waist deep water filled ditches), I disposed of the iphone armband and replaced it with a waterproof armband phone holder from
w w w . a q u a p a c . n e t / u k s t o r e / e r o l . h t m l (just remove the spaces).

My N95 fits inside the small version perfectly, even with the slider open for GPS reception. They guarantee it to be waterproof (down to 15 feet and it floats too).