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As I understand this problem...

Custom ringtones don't always work with the phone defaulting back to the Nokia Tune or your general ringtone for everyone.

Since the N97 and the N97 Mini are "hamstrung" by memory, if you try to make the phone do a task that just won't fit into memory, it will resort to the default behavior as described above.

How BIG is your ringtone?

If it is more than about 150KB, then you stand a good chance of it not always playing if something else is going on in your phone (other apps open, etc.).

The solution?

Use a music editor such as Goldwave (my personal favorite and well worth the price):

1. Edit/trim the tone file to a length that is more practical...after all who needs a three minute ringtone?

2. Downsample the tone file to a lower bit rate so that you are not requiring as much memory overhead to playback.