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Nokia N85: Cannot set mp3 as Message alert or personal ringtones...

Hi I've had mt N85 now for less than a week, and when I first got it I could apply mp3s as message alerts and personal ringtones now I cannot ( I can set one for the general ringtone from the music player though). Exept for when I use “Audio Themes”(which only allows .aac), regardlesss of what path I take, IT ALWAYS ENDS IN ON CHOICE... Select tone: Off

I've tried...

Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Personalisation>Tones> Message alert tone>... Select tone: Off

Menu>Tools>Profiles>General>Options>Personalise>Me ssage alert tone>... Select tone: Off

It should also be noted that I can only select “Change” for the “Message alert tone” once. The second (and 3rd, 4th,...) time I try to “Change” the “Message alert tone” the phone gets stuck on “Opening” and I have to hit the cancel key, after which I must shut down the phone before I can select “Change” again for the Message alet tone”.

I'm scratching my head because I've already installed the latest firmware update hoping to solve this problem.

Any suggestions please?