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E72 and Nokia Multmedia Transfer Mac, no tags after transcode

Hey all

I have a Nokia E72 with a 32GB memory card, and want to try and sync my entire iTunes music collection from my Mac to my memory card. Given that i have 6000 songs I want to transcode my music to AAC before putting it on my memory card as it takes up about 34GB at the moment. Multimedia Transfer has no problem doing that but all the tags are missing when converting from MP3.

I haver used other software such as syncmate and the problem persists, so there's clearly a software fault and not the the phone failing to read tags. Does anyone have a solution? The only one I can think of is to use the convert to AAC command on iTunes, put it in a playlist then sync it but it's a half-assed compromise and not the best way to keep my phone library up to date.