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This seems like as good a place as any to mention my problem with an Orange branded N95-1.

I recently upgraded the firmware to the latest on Orange (v13) from v11. The first time I did it, I had major problems - kept restarting itself before it had even loaded, or it would come up with "installing" then restart (this may have been due to a .sis installer file on the memory card attempting to load). Eventually I got it going enough to reflash the firmware and restore a minimum amount of data (just contacts basically), which is how it is at the moment. The problem is it keeps restarting itslef whenever I use more than about 2 apps at once.

Has anyone else experienced this with the upgraded frimware on Orange? It never happened at all on the old firmware. I'm reluctant to debrand and void my warranty as these things seem to be very temperamental and fragile, but is this my only option? Or could it be a RAM thing (too much data being stored on the phone memory)?